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New Build Homes in Torrevieja
New Build Homes in Torrevieja

When it comes to buying property, new builds in Torrevieja and the surrounding areas are a popular choice. There are several reasons for this and one is the fact that many properties that were built or semi-built when Spain’s economy went through a depression in 2008, during the world financial crisis of 2007-08, have now being put back on the rising property market. Another reason for the popularity of new build properties is that buyers can choose to go through the whole process with the builders from picking their plot of land, having additions such as a swimming pool, extra garden space, or a solarium; right down to internal choices such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms and what fixtures and fittings they would like. For buyers that don’t want to go through the whole build process there are new builds in Torrevieja that are structurally complete and offer a choice of fixtures and fittings that can range from electrical appliances such as ovens, fridges and washing machines to fully furnished and decorated homes.

Property Types

Many residents and potential buyers in the area think of new builds as modern buildings with straight lines and minimalist, open plan interiors with large floor to ceiling windows and easy maintenance gardens. There is a large expatriate community of Scandinavians that choose to live in Torrevieja and neighbouring Orihuela Costa who are serious buyers, and these modern designs appeal to them. Having said this, new build really means any property that is newly built, and Torrevieja offers a good range of different types of new build property from apartments to large detached villas. Spanish property laws can be rather confusing, and some laws that apply to purchasing new build properties may not apply to older ones, so a good lawyer that fully understands Spanish law is always handy no matter what your property choice.

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