Torrevieja Repossessions & Bank Property Websites

Spain has always been a popular location to find bargain property, and with the economic crisis the country has faced in recent years, there are plenty of bargain properties around. Many potential buyers are content to browse estate agent websites, newspapers and Facebook buy and sell groups until a suitable property comes up, but there is an alternative that can produce excellent value properties. Torrevieja is a popular coastal city situated on the beautiful Costa Blanca that has a great selection of bargain properties on offer. Most property buyers that come here don’t realise that due to the financial crisis and loss of assets that many property owners experienced, the banks now own a a substantial amount of the property in Spain. It is a sad fact that so many people have lost their properties to bank repossession, but for potential buyers, this is the area that a number of bargain properties can be found. Below is a list of bank property websites covering Torrevieja, it’s not always clear what bank owns what site.

Bank Property Websites

Repossessions & Bank Property Purchases

When looking to purchase bank property it is always a good idea to browse the bank property websites thoroughly, and remember the banks are overloaded with properties that have been on their books for some time. This means that they are having to pay all relevant fees and taxes on these properties which puts potential buyers in a good position to negotiate on price. Most banks will also offer decent interest rates and minimal down payments in order to shift as many properties as possible. However, they have teams of highly trained lawyers working for them, so make sure you employ the services of your own lawyer who fully understands the intricacies of property law.