Spain has been a major producer of tiles for thousands of years. Tiles are one of the most versatile construction materials in use today and can be applied to a vast range of building uses. Spain is well known for its intricately patterned glazed tiles which were introduced to the country by the Islamic world after the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711. Since then ceramic tiles were produced widely throughout Spain, especially in Southern coastal regions, and exported throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Today there are a fantastic range of tiles available, from basic unglazed earthenware tiles used in roofing, garden flower beds, guttering and water channels to stunning works of art displayed in historical buildings, churches and palaces.

Type of Tiles

Tiles are the perfect building material for hot countries like Spain as they retain their natural cool feel even on the hottest days and are widely used in the building of Spanish homes and business premises. Glazed ceramic tiles are extremely hard wearing, easy to clean and totally waterproof making them ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools. No matter what style of home you choose, be it ultra modern or traditional Spanish, there are tiles to suit, from ceramic and porcelain to beautiful natural stone.

Correct Choice

There are a selection of specialist tilers in Torrevieja as well as many building companies that are experienced in tiling, but choosing the right one can be difficult. Depending on what area of the home or garden you wish to have tiled can work out costly if you are going for top of the range tiling such as natural stone, and choosing the right tradesman is paramount because, let’s face it, you can have the most beautiful tiles laid but if they’re not done professionally, it can ruin the whole job. Many people will only choose a tradesman that has been personally recommended, and with Torrevieja and neighbouring Orihuela Costa having an informative expat grapevine and many Facebook buy, sell and info groups, getting recommendations is fairly easy. One thing to bear in mind is, even though there may be some difficulty in communication, many of the Spanish tilers and builders are excellent at what they do and their prices are generally reasonable. Even if it means hiring an interpreter for a couple of hours, the overall costs and quality of the finished work can sometimes be far superior to choosing someone purely because they speak English or are from your own country.